Lee Strayer is a radio veteran with decades of experience in voice-over work, commercial writing and audiobook production.  Listen to samples below, or if you’d like to hear a sample of your book, click the contact link above and send an email with a page or two of your book.

“As a fiction author as well as copywriter who is both an avid audio book consumer and one who has finally dipped his toe into this pool… I feel that it’s important to find just the right narrator.  A person with the appropriate voice for my characters.

For audio fiction in particular, this is a critical component and cannot be over stated.  In my case, I’ve already launched the first 4 books in my private detective series, and because my books are written in first person, I need a narrator who can truly capture the spirit of my lead.  Especially since the novels are written from his perspective and he has let’s say a very colorful personality.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet Lee Strayer until book 4 – although since I started publishing audio with book 2, I’m at least lucky in that he’s on books 1 and 4.  I say unfortunately because while the narrator who found me for books 2 and 3 did a good job, I have to admit that Lee blows it completely out of the water!

His inflections, his use of electronic filtering for radio and phone communications and his voice itself is just right.  What always impresses me is when a male narrator with a strong masculine voice can also do not just one but multiple female voices.  This is no easy trick and lee pulls it off with remarkable smoothness and believability.

So if you’re seeking a clear, strong and widely ranged narrator for fiction or non-fiction, then I can’t recommend Lee Strayer highly enough.  The only drawback to hiring Lee for your project is that you’ll take time away from mine :)”

Scott Cook, Author of the Scott Jarvis Investigations Series

“I love your work! It’s absolutely amazing, the whole book is. You really have bought my book to life. Thank you!

David J. Pearson, Author of The Lucid Chronicles

“”Happy you narrated my book. You did such a wonderful job! PRISON PLANET, the audiobook, is spectacular.”

Billie Sue Mosiman, Author of Prison Planet